Trending Research

In order to help keep up with all of the interesting and innovative ideas in workforce development we will be sharing some relevant reports or articles that have been produced recently.


New Releases

We can’t recover from a coronavirus recession without helping young workers (Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, May 2020)

Reemploying the Unemployed (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, April 2020)

Investing in Community: A Playbook for Connecting Economic and Skills Development (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, March 2020)

A New Look at the Supply Side of Workforce Planning (People + Strategy Journal, SHRM, fall 2019)


Additional Resources

How Aligned is Career and Technical Education to Local Labor Markets? (The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 2019)

Disconnected Youth in Georgia: Urban counties exhibit higher counts, rural counties reveal higher rates (Jeffery Robert, 2019)

The Evolution of Career and Technical Education:1982–2013 (American Enterprise Institute, 2019)

Automation and Artificaial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places (Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings, 2019)

Investing in America's Workforce: Improving Outcomes for Workers and Employers (Federal Reserve System, 2018)